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Ansley Brogan - Author Page

Ansley Brogan is a musician, composer, choral director, and now a published author. She enjoys too many things to mention, but it usually centers around whatever her obsession is in that moment.

Mail Order Bride

Elizabeth Bennett visits her sister, Jane Bingley, a recent mail order bride at her new home in the Wyoming Territory during the late 1800s. Upon her arrival, she runs into William Darcy, the Bingley's rich next door neighbor, quite literally. After being berated for events that were not her fault, it sets off a rocky series of events that leave the two inexplicably drawn to one another. However, Elizabeth's visit has a time limit before she, too, will have to make her debut as a mail order bride. Will her fate be sealed or will William forget about his past betrayals and learn to love again?

Works in Progress

Once Forgotten

A second chance romance that focuses on Ellie and Nathan being thrown back into the other's path under unfortunate circumstances after years of radio silence.  Can the wrongs of the past be rectified? 

Pride and Premonition

A modern day Pride and Prejudice adaptation with a supernatural twist to it.  Elizabeth Bennett has had dreams for years, but only now have they led to information that could save the life of William Darcy's sister.  Will they find her in time?

Modern Day Merlin

A story that focuses on the return of the fabled magician and the people he meets along the way to save the world from certain destruction.

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